Bruce (Rabbit)

Sponsors will be recognized during the

Walk on the Wild Side event


Lyle (Guinea Pig)

Polo (Tortoise)

Living Materials Center

We're Back!!!  Feb 6, 2022 - Walk on the Wild Side Charity Event (WOWS)

Registration Begins at 8:15am. Walk/Run starts at 9:00am (rain or shine).

Elsa (Axolotyl)

Merton (Retired)



Seabrook Intermediate School proudly houses Clear Creek Independent School District’s Living Materials Center (LMC). This is a facility that houses all year round over 60 different species of animals, many exotic and sub-exotic. These animals can be checked out by the teachers to enhance their curriculum and enrich the classroom.  We also provide educational programs about animals both here at the LMC and out at the individual schools

The LMC has approximately 80 different critters at their facility.  Most are available for checkout by teachers in CCISD for their classroom.

Bring your dog for this fun-filled walk/run to benefit the Living Materials Center.  Registration begins at 8:15am.  The walk starts at 9:00am - rain or shine.  Taylor Lake Village Community Park - Kirby Drive.

Visit with LMC animals along the course.

Kids activities

Vendor booths


(Veiled Chameleon)

The Living Materials Center 

Seabrook Intermediate

habitats, LMC modifications, veterinary expenses, ...

(Bearded Dragon)


(Crested Gecko)

$20 per person - one WOWS T-shirt per $20 donation

Marge (Blue Tongued Skink


Feb 6, 2022 Fundraiser

Walk on the Wild Side - Walk/Run

WOWS Vendors will have space along the walk to display their business

Willie (Degus)

Contact WOWS

Email Us: critter@lmcwalkonthewildside.org
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Paloma and Blanco

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